Apple Serial and IMEI Verification Services.

Numbers Verified! Numbers Verified!

The IMEI number, a wealth of information

Access it thanks to Kelpom!


Get the specs of any iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch or Mac (iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro...).


Make sure that a device's warranty is still active and get its purchase date.

"Sold By" information

Discover the seller and the country where the device was purchased.

iCloud Activation Lock

Verify the iCloud Activation Lock status for any iOS device


Make sur that a device is not stolen by verifying that it's IMEI is notin the GSMA blacklist Database.

Carrier & Simlock

Is a device locked to a warrier ? Which one ? It's easy to find out with the IMEI number!

We have their trust

Leading companies rely on our IMEI verification solutions.

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A free and easy extra precaution

Kelpom sur iPhone

A Collaborative Database

By registering on and recording your devices, your IMEI and serial numbers will be securely stored, and you will contribute to the creation of a collaborative database of lost and stolen devices.

Access your devices' IMEI numbers

Simply log into your Kelpom account and retrieve your IMEI and serial numbers when you need them.

Mark your devices as lost

Has your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac been stolen? If your device is registered on Kelpom, you can report the theft or loss through the management interface of your devices. Anyone who checks your IMEI or serial number on our site will be notified.

Get alerted

If you have reported your lost or stolen device, you may be contacted directly by email through the Basic Report if someone has found it. Another chance to recover your property!