How to use the Kelpom Chrome Extension? Follow the guide!


To install the extension, simply go to the Chrome Web Store and add the extension to your browser. Click the image below to access it:

Free Checks

With the Kelpom extension, you can check for free which device corresponds to an IMEI. This check includes:

  • IMEI validity using the Luhn formula,
  • brand & model,
  • manufacturer,
  • model number if available.

You can get 10, 25, or 50 free checks per day:

Free Checks Quota Condition
10 No condition
25 Have a Kelpom account and link it with the extension
50 Link your Kelpom account and have Premium tokens

Once your free search quota is exhausted, you can use Premium Tokens or wait for the quota to reset (at midnight Paris/France time).

Premium Checks

The available Premium checks are as follows:

Check Type Provided Information Compatibility Price
Configuration Color and storage capacity iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch 1 Premium Token
iCloud Lock iCloud Lock check (On/Off) and "Lost Mode" iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch 1 Premium Token
Blacklist GSMA Blacklist Status (Clean/Blacklisted) and detailed information if the device is blacklisted (Operator, country, and date) Any brand 1 Premium Token

We plan to add new Premium services very soon. Feel free to let us know which services you would like to see integrated first.

How to Check IMEI Numbers

You can check IMEI numbers in two ways: "manually" or by scanning the web page you are on. The "Scanner" detects all valid IMEI numbers on the page and checks them automatically.

Once the devices are identified by their IMEI number, you can select the Premium information you need.

You can check "iCloud" and "Blacklist" information as many times as necessary to ensure that iCloud lock has been deactivated, for example.

All searches are saved locally in your browser, and you can access them from the "History" tab. Note that Premium information is also available from the history.

Other Features

When using the "Scanner" function, the site from which the number was verified is saved, and you can easily return to the corresponding page by clicking the "Seen on" link.

The "Scanner" function also provides a quick way to access the number by clicking "Show on the page." You will automatically navigate to the highlighted number.

You also have the option to add a note for each device using the button at the bottom of the container.

You can erase the entire history using the button at the top right of the History section or delete individual devices by clicking the container's cross.

A "Dashboard" below the tabs allows you to know at any time the number of free checks and the number of Premium Tokens remaining.